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Owning a house is a big deal. As a property owner, a massive amount of burden falls on your head, especially if you have a household. It’s your task to keep everyone in your home safe and protected, no matter the size of your house.

What could be worse than coming home to discover that somebody has burglarized your family home and taken your treasured possessions? The TV you had worked tirelessly for, the jewellery that held so much sentimental worth and your children’s video game console, gone just like that.

Whether you have a damaged door lock from wear and tear or someone has purposefully broken it, you really need to act rapidly and get it sorted. Leaving your home unsecured is one of the easiest ways to attract burglars, so if you want to safeguard your things, talk to a professional locksmith.

For some burglars, breaking into a person’s home can be a walk in the park, that is if the homeowner does not have safe and secure locks. This goes for doors and windows. Some people may think that protecting their windows isn’t a big thing, however we can guarantee you that it is.

If you require help with door or window locks then you have actually reached the best local locksmith.

At Quicklocks 24/7, we handle countless situations where people aren’t knowledgeable about the security of their windows.

Among the very best ways to keep a great level of security is by keeping your windows and door locks in good condition. This implies routinely examining them to guarantee they lock properly and won’t be vulnerable to external forces.

If your door or window locks are broken beyond your repair, or you need to change them altogether, the most rational action to take would be to call Quicklocks 24/7 locksmiths. We have a professional team of certified locksmiths who are on hand 24/7. No matter where you are, we can come up to your house and provide you a responsive client service that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

Among the best aspects of our group of locksmiths is the variety of services they can offer you. There are countless scenarios in which you might need the help of a locksmith professional. Below, we will outline what these are and offer you an insight into our methods.

So, let’s start it!

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Need assistance with Window Locks or Door Locks?

When it comes to door or window locks, Quicklocks 24/7 have the know-how that you are in search of. Your doors and windows are perhaps the most essential aspect of your home. After all, without them, you wouldn’t be able to get in or out! Like we mentioned above though, they also can be a huge safety threat if you do not secure them correctly.

Due to our substantial experience, replacing locks, fixing locks or opening locked doors/window is a walk in the park for us. We genuinely know how to protect your home in the most safe method, by fitting premium locks that stand the test of time. If you’re questioning which kind of locks we can fix or replace in your house, let’s break it down for you.

Repair or replace front door lock

A front door lock is the most common type of lock we will fix/replace. Out of all the locks you need to get right, this one is up there at the top. Your front door is the entrance to your home but also the outside world. Do you actually wish to make it that simple for a robber to approach your home and have the ability to get in without much effort?

Naturally, you don’t. That’s why if your front door lock needs to be changed, get it changed. If it’s broken, get a professional to fix it. This isn’t something you should delay and leave for another day, it’s something you require to do with urgency. We fix and replace hundreds of front door locks every week, so whatever your issue, it’s no hassle for us. Not only do we deal with front door locks but also internal door locks for the doors within your house.

Outdoor patio door repair or lock replacement

Patio door locks are equally as important as the front door lock, and sometimes, even more so. A lot of break-ins will happen through an individual’s garden and if the outdoor patio door isn’t locked or has a malfunctioning lock, you are almost welcoming burglars in.

You need to be protected at the front of your home and the back. So, if you have an extremely indifferent mindset to keeping your patio door in good condition, speak to us and we can help!

Garage door locks

What you keep inside your garage is your business. Whether that’s a lawnmower, your football boots, DIY tools, a car or even a secret room to leave from your spouse, we don’t care what’s inside. Nevertheless, what we do care about is making sure your belongings in it are as safe as they can possibly be.
If you keep a high-value product in your garage, such as your vehicle, it’s much more vital to keep your garage locks in working order. Making it simple from anyone to come up to your garage, open it and get access to your brand-new set of wheels is never ever an excellent way to live.

Repair Bathroom door locks/change door lock

The stakes are somewhat lower with this type of lock. Although, the consequences can be extremely embarrassing for all involved! A restroom door lock is something that every house requires, for everybody’s sake. There is absolutely nothing much worse than feeling like you don’t have privacy when you remain in the bathroom.

If you have a huge household, this is a lot more evident. People intruding all the time when you are trying to brush your teeth or have a shower can be a huge annoyance. While no burglars are going to be stealing anything from your bathroom, (we hope), having a high-quality lock fitted guarantees to make everyone’s lives simpler.

Upvc door lock repair/repair Upvc door

Whatever type of door you have, Quicklocks 24/7 have the knowledge to find the best remedy for you. If you require a UPVC door repair and you are fretting whether we can work with those, fear not.

We have years of experience with many different kinds of doors, encompassing UPVC, so you are in excellent hands. Quicklocks 24/7 can help if: the key is stuck in the lock, the uPVC door will not lock, the handle is broken, the lock is broken, the lock is jammed and many other complications. So, if your UPVC door is presently causing you concerns, you know precisely who to speak with!
Window safety locks

Window security locks are an excellent way of securing a window to prevent unlawful entry from outside your house. The safety lock will help keep members of your family safe and you’ll have the comfort knowing that you have done your part to secure your property. Whether you require replacement window locks or you require us to set up a brand-new window safety lock, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you are pleased with the end item.

Child safety window locks

Child window locks are crucial to set up if you have children and would like them to be as safe as they can be. A child window lock will avoid the kid from any possible injuries such as falling through an open window.

While this is a frightening thought for a moms and dad, it’s likewise an incredibly real possibility that might happen. This is why you need to buy a safety lock as it will keep the window open slightly however avoid the child from opening any even more. A must-have as a parent!

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    Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of the kinds of locks that we can fix for you! All of us want our families and houses to be as safe as they possibly can be, so it makes total sense to buy some safe and secure locks.

    Your door locks and window locks are truly the gatekeepers of your house, so whether they are damaged, need fixing, or perhaps replacing, you ought to make them a concern. Instead of trying to fix your window or door locks yourself, we would definitely advise you employ an expert locksmith. Not only will this save you time but it will likewise save you cash in the long run.

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    I was locked out after a night out with friends. Not knowing what to do I called Quicklocks 24/7 for a solution. They were amazing. The locksmith arrived in around 25 minutes and I was in 15 minutes after that. THe price was reasonable and the service friendly and professional. I highly recommend them!


    – Brian M.

    “Chris was great! He came right away to fix the broken lock on my house door. Excellent dependable service. Would highly recommend!”


    – Sharon

    “We called and Christopher was out within an hour. Very nice guy. He did a professional job in minutes which we had been working at all day. I will definitely call him again if needed. Thank you so much Christopher. You saved the day.”


    – Sylvia R.

    Our back uPVC door was playing up. It’s been that way for ages but we decided it’s time to fix it. We searched around and after speaking to Quicklocks 24/7 we felt that they could do it properly. We were not wrong. Steve came and did a wonderful job. Was clean and courtious. He didn’t talk too much but did explain everything he was doing so we felt in the loop. Really happy 5 stars.


    – John Harris

    Got home slightly tipsy and minus front door keys. Not a great situation to be in. Searched online for a decent locksmith to come and save the day and I found them. Quicklocks. Martin (the locksmith) came to the rescue, opened the door in minutes and only charged £45. TBH he could has asked for a lot more and that is a sight of honesty. I highly recommend theses guys.


    – Mary Anderson

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