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Once one of the industrial behemoths that propelled England into prosperity, Sheffield is quickly becoming one of its biggest cultural hubs. From its days of famous steel and might factories, the spaces that once housed industrial factories are now filled with art galleries, museums and theatres. Even the main hall in the city centre works a second job as a comedy club.

As Sheffield grows into its new personality, it has begun to attract more visitors and people looking to relocate then ever before. Factories have been turned into apartments, and old junkyards have been levelled and replaced with townhouses across the city. This urbanisation, paired with the beautiful parks and gardens scattered around the city, is helping to bring this once industrious area into a new age of wealth and class.

As more people move to Sheffield, the growing demand for skilled local services is rising too. Locksmiths, in particular, have become hard to find and in short supply. This has lead to a rise in prices and a number of companies who are taking advantage of the desperation of its customers.

We have all done it, left the keys in the door, dropped them while running or left them at the office, which is now closed for the weekend. When this happens, you don't want to be exploited and left to pay through the nose for a locksmith.

That's where we come in. Here at Quick Locks 24/7, we have had enough with overpriced handymen and locksmiths, charging customers hundreds just for a call out. We have built up a highly skilled team of locksmiths in Sheffield. Each and every one of them has a wealth of experience and is ready to help when you are left out in the cold.

We don't believe in call out charges, and we aim to be with you as quickly as humanly possible. In fact, the average response time for one of our locksmiths in Sheffield is just 20 minutes!

In need of a locksmith in Sheffield? Call Quick Locks 24/7 on 0113 880 5195 for a free no-obligation quote.

What We Do

Every Sheffield locksmith that we employ has been vetted and comes in high regard. Ready to help and eager to get you out of a jam, they can assist you in replacing door locks or window locks after a home security breach so that you can rest with peace of mind. They can even offer home security upgrades, with anti-snap locks using insurance-approved parts.

They can get you back into your property if you have locked yourself out and can conduct security surveys. No matter what type of door locks you have, no matter what type of door, from UPVC to wood, our friendly service will have you back to normal in no time.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been clear. Focus on customer satisfaction, reduce cost as much as possible and aim to help as soon as physically possible.

That is why our prices are low, our excellent service value for money and our response times incredibly low, usually under 20 minutes!

We want you to feel safe and looked after. So whether you have been burgled, broken a key or have locked yourself out of your apartment, we will offer a professional service from a skilled Sheffield locksmith who is focused on your wellbeing and safety.

Benefits of Using Quick Locks 24/7 Sheffield

We are an extremely busy nation. Most of us work tight schedules and fast-paced lives. This can mean that a small issue, such as a lost key, can have a big impact on our lives.

It is as easy as putting the key down at work or forgetting to zip a pocket up. The worst thing is that most of us won't even realise we have lost our keys until we come to use them later on. This means it is often impossible to pinpoint the exact moment that we lost them.

Often, it is simply more cost-effective to arrange for a locksmith to open the locked door. This can allow us to get to work or to pick the kids up.

The benefits to using a locksmith are numerous, here are some of the biggest:

24-hour Emergency Service

Stuck in a thunderstorm? Locked out on your wedding day? Car keys inside and the kids need picking up? When the situation is desperate, and you need a quick turn around time, no matter what time of day, you need a service like ours. We provide a 24/7 service to all of our customers, meaning a Sheffield locksmith can be with you in a quick and timely manner.

We know how easy it is to lose your keys, it can happen at any time..., and it does. When it does, make sure you are prepared, make sure you call Quick Locks 24/7.

Fast Response

Unfortunately, we never seem to lose our keys on a day off, right? It always seems to be when we are already running late and need to be somewhere.

That is why one of our missions as a business is to provide a lightning-fast service that is better than any of our competitors. With the experience our team has, your door locks will be changed quickly and efficiently, and security upgrades will be installed in a time-frame that you will be more than happy with.

We utilise this approach to every single incident. No matter how big the job, or how small, we aim to be there as soon as physically possible. We don't want you to have to wait for upwards of 6 hours without any knowledge of an exact time like many of our competitors. Our mission is to be better with our response time under 30 minutes in the majority of cases.


Our Sheffield locksmith service will always be affordable and competitively priced compared to the competition. Although the cost will always depend on the depth of the job and all the details and parts involved, we will always aim to be the cheapest and will even provide a free quote, so you aren't left in the dark.

Many of the other locksmith services in Sheffield charge for a callout, that means they are charging you before they have even started any work. We don't use a callout charge model, and this helps us to keep our prices as low as they are. We can do this because the only locksmiths we use, follow the same motto and mission and are vetted to make sure that they are reputable and reliable.

Every Sheffield locksmith on our team hates the common misconception that as a trade, we are out to take advantage of your situation and to profit heavily from it. When you are at your most vulnerable, this is the last thing we want, and we work hard every day to prove that we are here to help, not to profit on your mistakes.


As well as our focus on speed and affordability, we also strongly believe in providing a service based on trust. Our team understands that when you need professional locksmith services, such as 24-hour emergency callouts then you will want the following:

  • Industry-leading response times so that you spend less time worrying about your security.
  • Incredible value for money with no call out charge and competitive pricing.
  • Insurance approved anti-snap window locks and door locks to keep you safe from potential burglars or intruders.

We are Local

As we are a local team, we can guarantee our fast response times. We can operate around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From broken letterbox locks to full security services requiring us to change door locks and window locks, we have you covered. Give us a call and take advantage of our emergency locksmith service.

When you hire our locksmiths, you are supporting locksmiths from your local area. This means that you aren't just helping a massive locksmith company grow in wealth and size, you are actually helping a family afford to decorate a bedroom for a new baby, or helping to pay for football lessons for their little boy. By using their service, you are going to support those who need it most.

Friendly Service

By choosing to use Quick Locks 24/7, you are getting a team of insurance approved home security experts at an amazing price. But that isn't all, and you are also going to get assigned a friendly, helpful locksmith, one who genuinely cares about your well being. Every locksmith that we use will change locks with a smile and a joke, no matter what the weather or the time of day.

If you are unsure what service you need, we will offer a free quote and problem solve security solutions with you to find something affordable and suited to your needs.

No Call Out Charge

No matter what the time, no matter what the day, we never include call out charges for a service. If you decide that you need our help, we will be with you as soon as physically possible. In the majority of cases, our response time is under 20 minutes. This speed, alongside our high-quality locksmiths, will ensure that you minimise the disruption to your life as much as possible.

Sheffield Local Locksmith Services

If you are in the Sheffield area, Quick Locks 24/7 is always available. We work every day of the week around the clock to ensure you are never left without an option. From home security services to specialist insurance approved locks, we cover everything.

If you are unsure of what service you need, maybe you need to change locks or are unsure of the damage, don't worry, our team is here to help, and after a quick phone call, we should be able to figure out what you need and arrange for it to happen quickly.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Sometimes, you need a locksmith for a silly reason. You left your keys in the door or at work. Sometimes, however, the situation is an emergency. You might be stuck outside with your child stuck inside, or perhaps you have left the gas stove on. When the situation is an emergency like this, we pride ourselves on our lightning-quick response times. We will be there faster than anyone else and may be able to save you from a potentially terrible situation.

Another common reason for requiring an emergency locksmith is when your house has been burgled. When this happens, you may feel scared and worried that you are not secure within your own home. You do not want to wait for days for the locks to be changed and we understand that.

Our team will be there on the same day of your break-in, ready to reinforce your house and provide you with peace and mind that your house is secure again. Call us at any time of day, and we don't care if it is 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon, when you need us, we will be there, with a smile on our face and a professional attitude.

Installing a Master Lock 

With the myriad of new data protection laws being introduced up and down the country, you may have new security needs for keeping your data secure. Many businesses come to us, asking for a solution to this problem, and our answer? A master lock system.

A master lock system allows you to have a key that can open every single room in your property. You will also have individual keys for every single lock so that you can restrict access and give the keys to the necessary staff. This means that they only have access to a certain area, while you have access to every area with a single key.

Security Survey

Another common service that we regularly provide to our customers is a security survey. In a security survey, one of our locksmiths will be able to tell you if you have any weak points that may be exploited to give strangers access to your building. We will provide a report as well as recommendations for what we suggest you install to combat the problem.

If you own a business, or you have a household with children or elderly residents, this is a great way to ensure their security.

British Standard Locks

There are a range of different types of standards used to rate British locks, here are the most common and the ones you'll find most useful;

  • BS3621 – This covers mortise cylinder rim locks that use keys for entrance and exit on both sides if up to standard these locks are safe unless the assailant has the key.
  • Bs8621 – This covers locks that use a key on the outside but can be unlocked on the inside without a key, maybe with a thumb tab. Usually found in flat and apartment buildings to ensure everyone can escape in the case of an emergency.
  • BS10261 – This covers locks that can only be locked from the outside, these locks can be opened from the inside without a key, but this function can be removed.

All of the locks we supply are in line with British Standards, so this means you can rest easy knowing that when we replace your lock, your insurance is still going to cover you.

How Much do Locksmiths Charge in the UK?

The costs for a locksmith in the UK vary massively from area to area and from business to business. Unfortunately, there are a number of locksmith companies that take advantage of their customers when they are in need. They might see that you are locked out in the middle of the night and add on late night charges as well as a huge callout fee, these are added on before they have even started securing your property!

Luckily, here at Quick Locks 24/7, we vet our locksmiths to make sure that you are going to receive a fair and reasonable quote for the work carried out. We also don't include call out charges for any of our services.

Depending on the situation, we should be able to give you a quote straight away over the phone, meaning you won't be left worried about the price.

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