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Quick Locks 24/7 consider the safety of your home or business to be extremely important. We also believe that more people should start to take it as serious as we do. With criminal activity rampant not only in our beloved Birmingham, but throughout the UK in general, an increasing reason why our company is asked to attend someone's property is because of an attempted, or successful burglary / break-in.

It's all too common that we hear the same response from the property owner... “I wish I'd just made it harder for them”. In our opinion, there is no reason for this to not be the case. Our reliable Locksmith Birmingham B1 service has been responsible for making not only central Birmingham's homes and businesses secure, but also the surrounding areas as well.

Our company goal is to not just provide clients with a second to none expert Locksmith Birmingham service, but to also spread awareness about the harsh reality of the world we live in, and drive home just how important it is to keep your property - be it domestic or commercial – completely safe and secure. We're not talking James Bond style laser systems and bank vault style doors here. All it takes is installing effective, up to date security measures to ensure that your property is safe-guarded from potential intruders.

We also cannot stress the point enough that making your property secure by no means needs to be an expensive endeavour. With our wealth of knowledge and vast experience in the industry providing unbeatable Locksmith B1 services throughout Birmingham means not only can we solve your security issues 24 hours a day, but we can also offer expert tricks and tips to help turn your home or business from a disaster waiting to happen into an impenetrable fortress. And all at a sensible price.

Locksmith Birmingham

We will advise you throughout the entire process, and share with you the knowledge that is acquired from being a career locksmith, honestly and transparently providing you with suggestions on how to further improve your safety. Suggestions such as motion sensor lights for your driveway or garden, which are easily obtained from your local hardware store for a couple of quid. For such a small investment, it can be the perfect deterrent and result in you not losing much more as a result of criminal activity.

We frequently suggest to our customers that they identify the material that their front door is made from, and more importantly, which kind of lock is installed. With this information, and in just a few minutes, you are able to immediately discover the vulnerable aspects of your existing security, as well as learn how to solve it.

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To give you an example, if your home has a uPVC door, usually to the rear of the property, perhaps attached to a conservatory. Then most burglary attempts are successful due to simply snapping the lock, so it's well worth checking whether the model of your uPVC door includes anti-snap technology. For those knowing what they are doing, or have done it before, then it can be worryingly easy for someone to enter your home without a key.


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