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If you are proactively on the pursuit, searching for “a locksmith near me” and you are based in Chelsea, we have just the solution for you.

One of the most aggravating things when it comes to locksmiths is waiting for too long. We understand you want a speedy, responsive and timely service, that is local to your locality. No one really wants to be waiting around in the freezing cold while they are locked out of their home.

We’ve all been there at some point and it is really not pretty! Let’s say you’ve just woke up and realised you are running a few minutes late for work. You know your manager is going to on your case if you’re late, so you scramble and get your things together as quickly as you can.

You miss breakfast, scramble to get dressed and then make your way to your front door. As you the commotion ensues, you frantically get out your key to lock your door and then * snap *. Your worst nightmare is realised as you find that your key has snapped in the lock.

A million thoughts are currently racing through your head at this time. ‘I’m really going to be late for work I need to go!’. ‘I can’t leave my key in the door like that, exactly how will I get back in’. ‘I need to make sure my home is secure before I leave!’. All this stress has arisen in your mind yet you still have no resolution to your problem.

So, what do you do?

Try to break the key out of the lock? Call your manager? Phone a friend and ask them to lend you a helping hand? The remedy is easy: Contact a professional Locksmith and let your worries melt away.

At Quicklocks 24/7, we would be on call to come out to you regardless of what time of day/night it was. Along with this, we would be extremely responsiveness, meaning we could get to you within 20 minutes. So, possibly, with our rapid customer service and great prices, you’ll manage to get to work on time after all.

Countless locksmiths up and down the UK will only cover a specific neighborhood, and while that’s fantastic, we thought we ‘d take things to the next level. At Quicklocks 24/7, we manage to cover the whole of Chelsea, without compromising on speed or quality of service.

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Locksmith Chelsea Near Me


Quicklocks 24/7 provide an emergency locksmith service unlike any other in Chelsea. It matters not if you need us to change your locks, deal with a burglary repair or open your safe, we are on hand to help at every step.

If you own a house, you know that the security of your home needs to be taken seriously. It could be your possessions you are safeguarding or your families. Unfortunately, Chelsea isn’t shy when it relates to crime. It’s prevalent in a lot of locations, so when you are searching for “locksmith near me Chelsea” in times of need, you know who to come to.

At Quicklocks 24/7, when we say we are experts in our field, we truly mean it. This means that when you work with us, you receive only the best. We pride ourselves on the fact that we reach your house with all the relevant equipment, used in a professional and effective manner.

The thing that is more vital than the equipment, however, is having the insight and experience to use them. Just because your buddy thinks he’s a locksmith for the day, doesn’t mean he is. Trust us on this one. We know this because we’ve experienced it time and time again. What we have found is that the correct tools for the job will produce it the best quality of service

We ensure that our customers get the highest level of service possible. What does this look like? Well, our high-quality service is based on our 24 hour response time, 365 days a year. Our highly skilled team provide a fast, easy and accessible service that enables you to relax while we get to work.

We also will give you smart advice to ensure you can be safer in your property future. Our recommendations is based on our considerable experience changing/installing countless locks and working with a range of different customers throughout Chelsea.

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Local Locksmith

A local locksmith is something virtually every town needs. Everybody would like to feel like they can contact somebody straight away when a locksmith emergency arises. Having a responsive locksmith on call makes your life a lot easier and less upsetting in the long run. No one should have to be in a state of worry or panic surrounding a lock problem. Life is stressful enough!

At Quicklocks 24/7, our aim is always to make things easier for you. We deliver the same awesome customer service to residential and commercial customers, around the clock, 24/7. Here are a couple of common searches that our customers will normally make:

” I need a local locksmith near me to fix a damaged lock”

Who’s fault is a broken lock? The homeowner? The lock company? The manufacturer? Whoever is responsible, locks are known for breaking or deteriorating as time go on. It happens and the best thing you can do is get it dealt with as soon as possible or get a new one fitted.

When its the difference between your house being safe or your house being unsecured, it makes absolute sense to contact a locksmith as soon as you can. You should be able to see if your lock is damaged or not but it is usually worth doing regular checks to make sure your locks remain in good working order.

When you work with ourselves, you’ll no longer have to search in Google for ‘cheap locksmith near me’. Simply, ring us up, at any time of the day, and we’ll come out to you and fix your damage lock for an unbeatable price!

“I need a locksmith near my location to open my front door”

Of all the locksmith situations you could find yourself in, being locked outside of your own house is up there with the worst. Not only are you prevented from getting in your warm home but you can also see directly into your house too – tormented right in front of your eyes.

If you are prepared and have an excellent memory, maybe this won’t be a problem for you. But, we speak for the bulk here when we say a lot of people end up in these kinds of situations. So if you do, know that it is very common! When you call Quicklocks 24/7, we come out to you straight away to get you back inside your house.

“I need to find a safe locksmith near me”

Getting locked out of your safe can lead to all sorts of problems. Regardless of what you choose to keep in your safe, it’s always going to be something that is of great significance to you. Or else, why would you try to protect it?

Keeping your possessions available and safe is important. That’s why it’s crucial that, if this situation does arise, you call Quicklocks 24/7 right away. We crack open safes on a daily basis, so rest assured that yours is safe in our hands!

“I need to find the cheapest locksmith near me”

We understand full well that people don’t want to be paying expensive prices for locksmith services. At Quicklocks 24/7, we aim to combine affordable pricing with impeccable customer service.
Our rates will always vary based on a few factors. These may be the size of the job, the amount of time that needs to be spent, the amount of labour, etc

Typical prices for us would be around ₤ 45 for the labour and ₤ 19 for a replacement lock. We take an enormous amount of pride in the work we provide for our clients and a plenty of our business currently comes from referrals/customer recommendations.

Our customers consider our prices to be truly fair due to receiving an amazing value for money. No matter if you are searching for ‘locksmith services near me’, ‘locksmith near me cheap’ or ‘find a locksmith near me’, Quicklocks 24/7 are the local locksmiths that can be on call for you!

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    Everyone can end up in a difficult situation at some point. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be much wiser to your options when it comes to locksmiths.

    So, no matter if you need a ‘locksmith Chelsea near me’ or ‘locksmith near me for house’, we can support you all the way.

    Save yourself the time and money from trying to do it yourself and tap the services of a professional locksmith.

    If you have one of the common problems mentioned above or think we might be of assistance to you, call us today and our 24/7 customer service is sure to delight you. Do you have an immediate problem? Call us now on 020 3951 7897 and find out how we can help you today.

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    We trade as Quicklocks 247 Locksmiths and are a 24 Hour Chelsea Locksmiths. We are an established local company and we take pride in our long standing reputation for excellent service. We provide the best rates in Chelsea and we are fully qualified and guaranteed. Read our 5 * independent testimonials as we pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability and integrity.

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    I was locked out after a night out with friends. Not knowing what to do I called Quicklocks 24/7 for a solution. They were amazing. The locksmith arrived in around 25 minutes and I was in 15 minutes after that. THe price was reasonable and the service friendly and professional. I highly recommend them!


    – Brian M.

    “Chris was great! He came right away to fix the broken lock on my house door. Excellent dependable service. Would highly recommend!”


    – Sharon

    “We called and Christopher was out within an hour. Very nice guy. He did a professional job in minutes which we had been working at all day. I will definitely call him again if needed. Thank you so much Christopher. You saved the day.”


    – Sylvia R.

    Our back uPVC door was playing up. It’s been that way for ages but we decided it’s time to fix it. We searched around and after speaking to Quicklocks 24/7 we felt that they could do it properly. We were not wrong. Steve came and did a wonderful job. Was clean and courtious. He didn’t talk too much but did explain everything he was doing so we felt in the loop. Really happy 5 stars.


    – John Harris

    Got home slightly tipsy and minus front door keys. Not a great situation to be in. Searched online for a decent locksmith to come and save the day and I found them. Quicklocks. Martin (the locksmith) came to the rescue, opened the door in minutes and only charged £45. TBH he could has asked for a lot more and that is a sight of honesty. I highly recommend theses guys.


    – Mary Anderson

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    Quicklocks 247 Locksmiths are the #1 leading provider for fast, 24 hour locksmith services covering Chelsea and the surrounding areas. We are conveniently situated in Chelsea and can quickly get to you within a flash. All of our locksmiths are licensed, insured and fully equipped with the latest equipment. This includes tools that are necessary to complete all different aspects of locksmith and security-related jobs. We service clients requiring home, business, and emergency locksmith services in Chelsea.


    Call on 020 3951 8485 fill out the form below and one of our locksmith technicians will contact you.