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Maybe you have lived here all of your life, or perhaps you are a new resident to our vibrant city. Regardless of your circumstances, you have the benefit of calling one of the UK's most interesting cities your home. Although this is a good thing! - It also comes with a set of responsibilities every home owner shares. That's where our Locksmith Coventry CV1 service comes in.

One of the most common calls we receive from our customers is asking us to provide assistance with how best to tackle the sometimes daunting task of moving in to a new home for the first time. Whether it's a necessary to change the locks, or if that's just something that people say you should do, where there is actually no need? - Another question we're often asked is, how can I make my new home safer against potential intruders or break ins?

Quick Locks 24/7 believes that at the top of your to do list when moving in to a new property should be to get your locks changed. Take this advice from a trusted Locksmith CV1 company who have been around the block a few times! - Forgetting to get your locks change can render any insurance polices you have against your home invalid. Why? Because if a working key to your house may potentially still be in the possession of a stranger, then you haven't done every thing within your power to fully make your property safe. Heavens forbid you do become the victim of a burglary, then any damage done to your home or any possessions taken, will need to be paid for out of your own pocket. This can be easily avoided by simply getting a brand new new lock.

But making your home secure does not require breaking the bank. Upgrading the locks on your doors or getting that rusty old kitchen window lock replaced is a task than can be carried out in less than an hour by one of our Locksmith Coventry professionals, so you would be surprised at just how affordable it is.

Locksmith Coventry

Our reliable staff can turn the procedure of first moving in to a new property a breeze! From complete security surveys of your residence, and pointing out any weak spots or vulnerabilities you have, to assisting you to resolve these issues with our free expert advice catered to your every circumstance. You will always be one step in front of any disasters with Quick Locks 24/7.

Our community more than most others, is aware of the concerning increase of crime across our area in recent months and years. Where it's hard to pinpoint the exact cause, we have noticed a surge in customers looking for a Local Locksmith Coventry CV1 as a result of their property being broken into, or simply asking us for advice on how to safe-guard their home or upgrade the current security measures their home or business have in place.

Locksmith CV1

A major concern that is apparent to us is from the Locksmith CV1 clients we meet who have a uPVC door in their property. They've seen news articles or crime programs showing just how easy it is for an intruder to snap the locks on these kinds of doors and gain access to your home through sheer blunt force and with little effort.

The first thing we would recommend to anybody with a uPVC door, without a shadow of a doubt, would be to implement anti-snap / anti-bump euro cylinder locks. We have so much confidence in these locks and how effective they are that we hold many different makes of these in our vans ready for installation. Something this cost effective and simple to add to your home can save you thousands in the long run, and in the year we live in, making your home secure effectively and affordably is easily achieved. Get in touch now for free specialist advice or a no obligation quote and make your property safe today.


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