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Locksmiths have been providing an essential service for thousands of years, but the progress of lock design has been slow. It's about time that we upgraded the security of our homes and businesses. Around 41% of adults in the UK have been the victim of a burglary at some point in their lives, with most perpetrators never being found.

Our local locksmiths in Wembley are committed to the security and wellbeing of our customers. We provide a wide range of services from emergency locksmith services to custom lock upgrades and personalized solutions.

So whether you've come home to find that your home has been broken into, you've dropped your keys down a drain, or you are just looking to upgrade your home or business security, we've got you covered.

At Quick Locks 24/7 we have a Wembley locksmith available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rain, wind or shine, we will be there promptly to provide an efficient service, minimizing disruption to your day.

The average response time for a locksmith in Wembley is just 20 minutes! When you put your faith in Quick Locks 24/7, you are guaranteed a quick, professional and friendly service at a competitive price. All that and no call out charge!

In need of a locksmith in Wembley? Contact Quick Locks 24/7 on 0113 880 5195 for a free no-obligation quote.

Wembley Locksmith Services

Quick Locks 24/7 work with local professionals to provide essential locksmith services to the people of Wembley. From customized business security solutions to emergency locksmith services, there's nothing we can't do.

Emergency Locksmith Services in Wembley

Our friendly local Wembley locksmiths offer 24-hour support and act quickly to give you the support you need when you need it most. Whilst other locksmiths have been known to take advantage of people when they are in vulnerable situations, our locksmiths will provide you with a fair quote over the phone, and will not add a call out charge.

So whether you have lost your keys and are left locked outside at 2 am in the freezing cold, or your home has been broken into, we are here for you. With an average response time of 20 minutes, a locksmith in Wembley will always be calm and efficient so that you feel safe.

Installing a Master Lock

New data protection laws have transformed the way many of us do business in Wembley and for a good reason. If personal data gets out, the resulting fines could be enough to destroy your company. But do not panic! Our locksmiths in Wembley are here to help.

A master lock system will allow you to have full access control, with a master key that opens any door and individual keys that restrict staff to one section. That way, you have full control.

Security Survey

A locksmith in Wembley can analyze your security, including the safety of your door locks, and highlight any potential weaknesses and design a solution that works for you.

Custom Security Solutions

Our locksmiths Wembley are masters in their trade; they can offer individualized business or home security solutions. Contact Quick Locks 24/7 today to discuss your options.

Key Cutting Wembley

Some of our local Wembley locksmiths are also trained in key cutting and may be able to cut a key for you on-site if you have lost your keys.

Benefits of Using Quick Locks 24/7 in Wembley

If you have lost a key, someone has broken into your home or business, or you are concerned about the security of your property, then you need a local locksmith service. And Quick Locks 24/7 are a great choice; we are professional, efficient and committed to customer service. Better yet our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, no matter the circumstances.

24-hour Emergency Service in Wembley

A locksmith in Wembley is always available for 24-hour emergency service. We understand how stressful needing an emergency locksmith can be, which is why we aim to be with you quickly, minimizing disruption to your day.

With an average response time of 20 minutes, and because all of our locksmiths in Wembley are experienced, they will solve your problem swiftly.


We make sure that our Wembley locksmith service is low cost. We do this by using local locksmiths who will not add a call out fee. We will also quote you over the phone, so you are not left with any surprises.


The safety, security and peace of mind of our customers is the most important thing for us. We want you to feel confident that your locksmith Wembley is doing all they can for you. Which is why we ensure that:

  • You will receive a professional service from an experienced locksmith in Wembley.
  • Our locksmith Wembley services are competitively priced, with no sneaky charges, such as a call-out fee.
  • We do not leave until the job is complete and you, your loved ones and your belongings are secure.
  • We respond quickly, usually within 20 minutes so that you can continue with your day with minimal stress.

Local Locksmiths Wembley

Hiring a local locksmith, Wembley supports local tradespeople and ensures a fast response no matter the time of day. Need your house lock replacing? Dropped your car key down the drain? Are you concerned about the security of your companies personal documents? Whatever it is, our locksmiths will find a solution for you.

Call Quick Locks 24/7 Today

A lost key should not be too much of a disaster. A burglary should not leave you feeling insecure in your own home. When problems with locks and security arise, you need help from a professional locksmith Wembley, who has your needs at the heart of what they do.

Call Quick Locks 24/7 for a free, no-obligation quote from a locksmith in Wembley.

Call us now on 0113 880 5195.


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